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This wiki is retired

Our website is https://www.flashrom.org, instructions on how to add or update documentation are here

All wiki content available in read-only mode at wiki.flashrom.org


New features include:

  • External flasher infrastructure
  • 3Com NICs as external flasher
  • Silicon Image SATA controllers as external flasher
  • ITE IT87* SuperI/O SPI translation as external flasher
  • FT2232H/FT4232H based SPI external flasher support
  • Dummy flasher driver to trace execution
  • Partial read support
  • Automatic erase verification
  • Dozens of added flash chips
  • Some new chipsets are supported
  • Some new boards are supported
  • Improved SPI abstraction
  • Accurate timing information for probing
  • Tarball export target
  • User interface cleanup
  • Bus type dependent probing
  • Block protection printing for more chips
  • Probing accuracy improvements for old SPI chips on ICH
  • MMIO abstraction layer
  • Chip access abstraction layer
  • No root privileges needed for some external flashers
  • More intelligent error handling for ICH/VIA SPI
  • Fix corner case SB600 SPI hangs on non-SPI boards
  • Downgrade to byte program for certain chip families because they don't support page program
  • Detection of no-ID responses from chips
  • Elan SC520 runtime detection
  • 100x speedup for writes to some SPI chips
  • Improved error messages
  • Correctness fixes
  • Code cleanups

Pending are:

  • Blockwise erase
  • Various small fixes
  • Universal external flasher protocol
  • AVR based external flasher support attached via serial line

If you know of features or pending patches which are not in the list, please reply to this mail and add them!