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This wiki is retired

Our website is, instructions on how to add or update documentation are here

All wiki content available in read-only mode at

You can browse the flashrom source code online, or download and install flashrom and/or its source code as explained below.

Installation from source


  • pciutils development package (pciutils-dev/libpci-dev/pciutils-devel, depending on OS/distribution)
  • zlib development package (zlib1g-dev/zlib-devel, depending on OS/distribution)
  • libftdi development package (libftdi-dev), optional support for various external FT2232SPI flashers
  • libusb 1.0 development package (libusb-1.0-0-dev), optional support for various USB-based programmers
  • various build utilities like make, gcc etc. (build-essential or similar depending on OS/distribution)
  • git (if you checkout the source and build manually)


If you just want to use the latest stable release, you can download it from this page. Older releases can be found here.


The Flashrom repository is hosted on and mirrored on Github. All current development happens on the master branch.


Binary Packages

IRC nicknames are mentioned in parentheses.

  • DOS:
    • Installation: For instructions on how to cross-compile using Linux see DOS.
    • Alternatively, you may find usable DOS binaries in our buildbot archive. However, they are usually untested and not recommended to be trusted blindly.
  • DragonFly BSD:
    • Installation: pkg_add flashrom
    • Maintainer: Jonathan Kollasch (jakllsch)
    • ?
  • FreeBSD:
    • Installation from ports: cd /usr/ports/sysutils/flashrom && make install clean
    • Installation using a package: pkg_add -r flashrom
    • Maintainer: Alexander Logvinov
    • The version from subversion's trunk (latest revision while editing is r1416) is usable as well. To checkout and compile the source code you need to install devel/gmake, devel/libpci, devel/subversion and sysutils/dmidecode, either from ports or using "pkg_add -r". The subversion URI is at the top of this page. Compile with "gmake".
  • Mandriva:
  • OpenBSD:
    • Installation: ?
    • Maintainer: ?
    • TODO: Are there any ports or binary packages for OpenBSD? Building from source is supported as per README.
  • T2 SDE
    • Installation from source: Emerge-Pkg flashrom
    • Installation of binaries: mine -i flashrom-0.9.1.tar.bz2
    • Maintainer: ?
    • ?
  • Ubuntu:
    • Installation: sudo aptitude install flashrom
    • Maintainer: ?, migration happens automatically or semi-automatically from the Debian package
    • package overview
    • You can also install daily builds of flashrom's development source from a special PPA. Please note that these are experimental binaries that may or may not be safe to use. We try to do our best to let dangerous bugs not slip into this, but it may sometimes happen. Usually it is safer to use those than very old (<=0.9.2) stable releases.
  • Windows:
    • Installation: See Windows. Only a limited number of programmers are supported so far.
    • There were some attempts to create a full Windows port of the flashrom utility but none really succeeded and made it into the source code.