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TL;DR: flashrom maintainer, one of the lead developers

I am the one who gave flashrom a life on its own instead of being just a coreboot helper tool. It has been a wonderful ride ever since, and I had the pleasure to work with many amazing people all over the world who did outstanding work in development, user support, testing and keeping the spirits up. Even when I had almost no time for flashrom, the community didn't let flashrom die and instead kept it running and surprised me in many ways. My role has been one of maintainer, developer, supporter, promoter and whatever else seemed necessary, but I wouldn't be here without the fantastic flashrom community.

If you're here because I wrote an essay instead of a short answer, the following may not be a surprise to you: I need to write shorter sentences and especially, considering the amount of reading you, my dear fellow developers, have to keep up with, reduce the nesting of sentences (and of course the inordinate number of parentheses (which sort of serve as substitute for even more commas)).