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Flashrom related mails are welcome on the flashrom mailing list at Please do NOT send any BIOS images or F segment dumps to the list!

E-mails with binary files attached will be rejected. Images for things such as scope or logic analyzer traces are acceptable if hosted on a third-party photo sharing service that assigns a unique URL to the image, such as Google Photos. This prevents the photo URL from being abused for malicious or inappropriate content.

Please note that the list is moderated for non-subscribers and we recommend to subscribe first.




You can also contact us via IRC if you prefer that.

Moderation rules

If your mail is too big (the current limit is 256 kB) or if you're not on the subscriber list, your mail will be held for moderation. If your mail contains any BIOS images or F segment dumps (instead of links which are fine), the mail will be rejected for legal reasons (we do not have the right to distribute BIOS images).

Moderation howto for moderators.