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This document is for mailing list moderators only. If you want to know more about moderation rules or our mailing list, please go to Mailing List.

If a mail contains any BIOS images or F segment dumps (instead of links, which are fine), please reject the mail with the following message or drop it in case that person already sent it again without the image.

"Your mail contained a BIOS image. We do not have the right to distribute BIOS images. Please resend your mail without the BIOS image (a link to the image is OK). Thank you."

The moderation screen looks like this:


  • For obvious spam, please just change "Action to take" to "Discard", then hit "Submit all data".
  • For mails which are obviously OK, change "Action to take" to "Accept", enable "Add foo@bar.baz to one of these sender filters" and set it to "Accept", then hit "Submit all data".
  • In case there are multiple mails from one address, please review each one individually (click "view all messages from foo@bar.baz") and accept only those which don't contain BIOS images or F segments.
  • If you're unsure, set "Action to take" to defer and you or someone else can deal with it later.

Advanced rules:

  • If the sender is not on IRC (and you can't tell him/her to resend), an alternative to rejecting the mail is to forward it to yourself, discard the original in the moderation interface, edit the forwarded mail manually to remove any attachments with BIOS images (and add a comment about the removed attachment), then bounce it to the list.