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The VT6421A is a PATA/SATA PCI controller that can be found on various cheap PCI cards. Currently there is a datasheet hosted at [1].

There exists a patch for flashrom that makes it possible to access the attached flash chip, but it has problems with some cards. They seem to need an offset added to the chip address for unknown reasons.

Cards found in the wild

Vendor Model rev.* country* lot code Chip Size [B] Offset lspci Contact
W39V040BPZ 512k XVilka
Eminent EM2001 0910CD Taiwan 2IA0022481 SST49LF020A 256k 0xfff00000 [2] Idwer
"SATA CONNECT" "High speed 2/4-port Serial ATA card" 0901CD Taiwan 2IA0022471 Pm49FL004 512k 0xfff80000 = 0xffffffff - size + 1 (aka phys_addr) [3] Szabolcs
Gembird SATA-3 W39V040C 512k Alexey
HZ-006 Pm39LV512 64k [4] Roy
  • The revision consists of two characters that are printed below the "VT6421A" string on the chip prefixed by 4 numbers that encode the production year and week. The country is noted right of the revision.