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Howto flash ipxe on an 3com network card

Clone ipxe:

$ git clone git://

Then locate your network card with:

# lspci -nnnn

it will look like that:

00:0c.0 Ethernet controller [0200]: 3Com Corporation 3c905C-TX/TX-M [Tornado] [10b7:9200] (rev 78)

Note the pci ids that are here: [10b7:9200]

Ajust your settings in src/config/local/

Then build ipxe:

cd ipxe/src/
make bin/10b79200.rom

Then backup the existing rom:

cd ../../
flashrom -pnic3com -r 3com_rom_backup.rom

The flashchip size is written in the output of that command.

Then generate a rom that is exactly the size of your rom chip:

dd if=/dev/zero of=bin/10b79200.rom.64k bs=1 count=65536
dd if=bin/10b79200.rom of=bin/10b79200.rom.64k conv=notrunc