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After about eight months, flashrom 1.2 is out. This release was rushed a bit so that we have a release that includes numerous build fixes that have been merged since v1.1. Fedora's build system started to encounter compilation issues that needed to be addressed for their upcoming release, so that became our canary in the coal mine this time around.

Other highlights

  • Meson support (hello fwupd!)
  • Layout improvements/fixes and many, many code cleanups.
  • New chips: MX25U25635F, MX25L51245G, GD25Q256D, M95M02-A125, N25Q/MT25Q variants, W25Q128JW_DTR, AT25SF321, S25FL512S
  • New programmers: National Instruments USB-845x, Tin Can Tools Flyswatter/Flyswatter 2, STLINK V3, more Intel PCHs (Apollo Lake, Cannon Lake variants, Ice Lake U)
  • Reduced dependency on libusb0
  • Syntax: Added --flash-name and --flash-size arguments to print information about the flash chip


flashrom 1.2 can be downloaded in various ways:

Anonymous checkout from the git repository at https://review.coreboot.org/flashrom.git (tag v1.2)

A tarball is available for download at

https://download.flashrom.org/releases/flashrom-v1.2.tar.bz2 (GPG signature), fingerprint: 58A4 868B 25C7 CFD6 62FB 0132 A3EB 95B8 D978 0F68

and more in the "Tags" section of CGit at