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This is an archived release notes page. For the release notes of the latest stable release please see here.

After about 1.5 years, we can announce a fresh flashrom 1.1. Right after branching flashrom 1.0, we merged SPI 4-byte address (4BA) support for most compatible programmers, enabling the use of flash chips bigger than 16MiB. Half a dozen new programmers made it into the release, and we also had some more user-visible changes.

New major user-visible features

  • 4-byte address support for many SPI programmers
  • New option to use a reference file for flash contents (--flash-contents)
  • Layout support for coreboot's FMAP format (--fmap, --fmap-file)
  • BAUD rate selection for Buspirate SPI
  • Support for the ENE Embedded Debug Interface (EDI), probably our first non-jedec SPI target
  • On Intel ME enabled systems, internal flashing is allowed by default

New programmers

  • ENE Embedded Debug Interface EDI
  • Linux' MTD interface
  • Digilent SPI for the iCEblink40 development board
  • Developerbox/CP2104 bit banging
  • J-Link SPI
  • Dediprog firmwares >= 7.2.30
  • Dediprog SF200
  • Intel Kabylake PCHs

New chips

  • AT25DF021A
  • AT25SF041
  • AT25SF081
  • AT25SF161
  • AT25SL128A
  • KB9012 (EDI)
  • GD25B128B
  • IS25LP064
  • IS25LP128
  • IS25LP256
  • IS25WP032
  • IS25WP064
  • IS25WP128
  • IS25WP256
  • MX25L6473F
  • MX25L25635F
  • MX66L51235F
  • MX25U8032E
  • MX25U51245G
  • MX25R6435F
  • N25Q256..3E/MT25QL256
  • N25Q512..3E/MT25QL512
  • LE25FU106B
  • LE25FU206
  • LE25FU206A
  • S25FL256S......0
  • SST26VF016B
  • SST26VF032B
  • SST26VF064B
  • W25Q128.V..M
  • W25Q256.V
  • W25Q256JV_M
  • W25Q40BW
  • W25Q80BW
  • W25Q40EW
  • W25Q80EW
  • W25P80
  • W25P16
  • W25P32
  • ZD25D20
  • ZD25D40


flashrom 1.1 can be downloaded in various ways:

Anonymous checkout from the git repository at https://review.coreboot.org/flashrom.git (tag v1.1)

A tarball is available for download at

https://download.flashrom.org/releases/flashrom-v1.1.tar.bz2 (GPG signature).

and more in the "Tags" section of CGit at


Supported hardware

Please see the archived status page for the hardware supported by this release.