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This is an archived release notes page. For the release notes of the latest stable release please see here.

To help with maintenance in stable distributions, we practice point releases now :) The log is short, there were just six fixes since flashrom 1.0 (plus one commit to make the 1.0.x branch build on recent distributions).

Changes since 1.0

  • 6b9e934f linux_spi: Reduce maximum read chunksize
    Improves compatibility with older Linux kernels that interpreted the interface differently.
  • 30c4cecd Makefile: Disable `-Werror=deprecated-declarations` on release branch
    Just to be able to compile the 1.0.x branch on newer systems.
  • 5639af64 linux_spi: Hardcode default spispeed of 2MHz
    Default speed of kernel drivers isn't always sane (any more).
  • 993e162d dediprog: Fix small, unaligned reads
    An actual bug, discovered during experiments with arbitrary layouts.
  • ec8b8a7f board_enable.c: Fix dmi_match string for ThinkPad X201
    Probably just wasn't tested before.
  • 69f96f60 Fix verification with sparse layouts
    A regression that sneaked into flashrom-1.0: When verifying the whole flash after a partial write with a sparse layout (i.e. a layout whose regions don't cover the whole chip), flashrom tried to verify against the wrong data and failed.
  • a3db7ed5 Fix erasing of unaligned regions
    This never worked correctly from the beginning. We completely erased every block that touched an included layout region. Now, we restore surrounding data in case a block expands beyond the region.


flashrom 1.0.1 can be downloaded in various ways:

Anonymous checkout from the git repository at https://review.coreboot.org/flashrom.git (tag v1.0.1)

A tarball is available for download at

https://download.flashrom.org/releases/flashrom-v1.0.1.tar.bz2 (GPG signature).

and more in the "Tags" section of CGit at


Supported hardware

Please see the archived status page for the hardware supported by this release.