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== Donations ==
== Donations ==

We've been asked repeatedly about a way to donate to the flashrom project. Donations are a great way to show your appreciation for the project (and it may have saved you loads of money for dedicated flash programmer devices). Since this usually involves a lot of paperwork, we're not accepting donations to the project (yet).
See [[Donations]].
Many of our developers do appreciate flashrom related hardware donations, though.
In the meantime, we ask you to spread the word about flashrom to your friends, to colleagues at work, to the local computer user group and to the readers of your blog.

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Using flashrom

See the flashrom manual for more information on how to use flashrom.

Useful information

Open development

We welcome contributions from every human being, corporate entity or club.

If you want to contribute patches or test reports, please send them to our flashrom mailing list. For one-off test reports, you don't have to subscribe, but if you want to contribute patches, we strongly recommend you subscribe to our mailing list to make communication easier.

Flashrom development is volunteer-driven, and our developers tackle the features they're interested in. Most developers have pretty long personal TODO lists, so if you want to suggest a feature, please make sure you have all the datasheets and/or programming guides needed for that feature (preferably without NDA). For testing, our developers usually need physical access to the hardware in question. It also helps to be friendly to the developers.

Some companies and individual developers offer paid flashrom support and development if you desire a particular feature nobody is working on.


See Donations.