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To cross-compile on Linux for DOS:

  1. Get RPMs of the cross compiler from the DJGPP site and install them (or use any other binary or source packages suitable for your distribution). You will need:
    • djcross-binutils
    • djcross-gcc
    • djcrx
  2. Download pciutils 3.1.5 and apply File:Pciutils.patch.gz (original source:
  3. Download and compile File:Libgetopt.tar.gz (original source:
  4. Compile pciutils, see README.DJGPP for instructions.
  5. Enter the flashrom directory.
  6. ../libpci should contain pciutils source and binaries.
  7. ../libgetopt should contain getopt.a from libgetopt.
  8. Run either (change settings where appropriate)
    make CC=i586-pc-msdosdjgpp-gcc STRIP=i586-pc-msdosdjgpp-strip
    or (above settings hardcoded)
    make djgpp-dos
  9. To run flashrom.exe, download and unpack (original source:, local mirror of source: and make sure CWSDPMI.EXE is in the current directory when running flashrom.exe.