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This wiki is retired

Our website is, instructions on how to add or update documentation are here

All wiki content available in read-only mode at

Idwer Vollering (IRC nick idwer) is the owner of flashrom_bot.

Supported commands: !adobe !backup !boardenable !bot !cmos !dmidecode !flashrom !forcedread !formfactor !fsegment !help !info !laptop !latest !lspci !macaddr !ml !noimages !paste !serial !sorryno !summary !superiotool !word

All commands support the form where flashrom will talk to a user in-channel:

!command <nick>


!info carldani

Except !summary, all commands also support the form where flashrom will just tell the channel:



Sorry, wrong channel. This channel is about Flash ROM chips (see, usually used to store your BIOS, not about Adobe Flash. You probably wanted to join ##flash


If you have a backup of your old BIOS contents (created with flashrom -r), please run 'flashrom -v oldbackup.bin' and if it says 'VERIFIED' nothing changed and it should be safe to reboot.


We need special code to support writing on your mainboard. One of our developers will take a look at your report and contact you once a patch is ready. This might take a few weeks because we're all volunteers and the TODO list is rather big.


I'm just a bot and don't understand what you are saying. Please talk to the developers in this channel. A list of commands is available with !info or at


Some BIOS updates require NVRAM(CMOS) clearing/reset to boot after the update. flashrom will not do that for safety reasons.


Please run 'dmidecode' (as root), remove any serial numbers in there, then upload the results to


Please run 'flashrom -V' (as root) and upload the results to


Forced detection is a bad idea. Forced read will almost always read garbage. Use -f onForced detection is a bad idea. Forced read will almost always read garbage. Use -f only if we tell you to do it. If you don't understand why, please consult the flashrom wiki and source code.


Even if two flash chips have the same form factor (socket) and similar numbers, they might still be incompatible. For example, PLCC32 exists for Parallel, LPC and FWH chips, all of them incompatible with each other.


Please run 'dd if=/dev/mem of=/tmp/your_board_brand_and_model_version-fsegment.bin bs=64k count=1 skip=15' as root.


Supported commands: !adobe !backup !boardenable !bot !cmos !dmidecode !flashrom !forcedread !formfactor !fsegment !help !info !laptop !latest !lspci !macaddr !ml !noimages !paste !serial !sorryno !summary !superiotool !word


Supported commands: !adobe !backup !boardenable !bot !cmos !dmidecode !flashrom !forcedread !formfactor !fsegment !help !info !laptop !latest !lspci !macaddr !ml !noimages !paste !serial !sorryno !summary !superiotool !word


Laptops, notebooks and netbooks are difficult to support and we recommend to use the vendor flashing utility. The embedded controller (EC) in these machines often interacts badly with flashing. See


Please use latest flashrom from svn or at least flashrom 0.9.4 to get reliable operation. Installation instructions can be found here:


Please run 'lspci -nnvvvxxx' (as root) and upload the results to


If your MAC address is stored inside the flash chip, it will be overwritten by flashrom. We are currently looking for docs which explain where exactly in ROM the MAC address is stored.


The flashrom mailinglist is reachable at We recommend to subscribe first at


Please do not send any BIOS images to the flashrom mailing list. We don't have the rights to distribute such images. Instead, send links to the official BIOS download and/or links to your BIOS dumps. Warning! BIOS dumps might contain MAC addresses and/or passwords.


Please run 'flashrom -V' (as root) and upload the results to


If your machine/board serial number, model number and Windows preactivation key are stored in flash, they will be overwritten/erased by flashrom.


What you want is very difficult to implement and will require months of effort and we don't have the datasheets needed to implement it. There is always the option of paying someone for this, but it probably won't be cheap.


<nick>: Please upload the output of 'flashrom -V', 'lspci -nnvvvxxx', 'superiotool -deV' (run all commands as root) and the file read with 'flashrom -r readout.rom' to Send all resulting addresses to and mention the exact name of your board (including revision, if there are multiple revisions) in the subject.


Please run 'superiotool -deV' (as root) and upload the results to

Installation instructions can be found here:


Please spread the word about flashrom. Tell your friends and colleagues, write about it in your blog, the forums you visit, tell news sites how great it is, vote for it on freshmeat, list yourself as user on ohloh ( ). Thanks!